Nov 282018

Before we begin the list it is important to note, all the advice in the world does no good if a vendor is telling you what just they want you to believe and is less than honest just to get you to buy, like some of the oldest scams in the world…”we sell wholesale… or our diamonds are less expensive because we have very little overhead… or we only sell diamonds that go up in value…or the most sneaky scams like ” this diamond has a independent grading certificate that guarantees its quality”, but the jeweler knows the cert. is not accurate… Sadly many jewelers now days operate under the philosophy of “Just get it sold and we will deal with the problems later” Using this business philosophy if you sell 20 diamond rings by not being totally open and honest, and say 3 customers figure it out and return the item, they have still successfully sold 17 to unsuspecting customers. Then they simply pay to burry the bad reviews and they look like wonderful vendors…

#1 The most frequent is…How much are you supposed to spend? My advice is don’t fall for this hype of “you should spend 3 months salary” that is all marketing trying to control your buying habits! Spend what you are comfortable with, the average person spends within a range of $3,500 to $10,000. There are plenty of folks who spend what they can from $1,500 to $85,000 in the midwest area of the country.

#2 What do most girls want for a engagement ring? 89% want white gold, 70% want a round cut diamond, 96% want at least some side diamonds, and all girls dont want eye visible inclusions or cloudiness in their diamonds but many end up with them as the salespeople are not always honest enough to point out the eye visible problems in their purchases.

#3 How soon do i need to shop before i need a engagement ring? If you are going to walk into a store and pick something out of the cases usually you can have it immediately if you do not need it sized, if you need it sized it could be anywhere from a couple days to 6 weeks if they need to order the ring, made to exact size from the manuf. as some rings cannot be sized easily more than one size in either direction. If it is going to be customized to the customers desires anywhere from 3 weeks to 8 weeks.

#4 What size of diamond do most guys get for the center stone? The average in the midwest is 1/2 ct. and in larger cities it is 1ct.

#5 Is there a difference in quality between jewelry on the internet and the jewelry in brick and mortar stores? YES the last statistics i saw gave a consumer a 70% chance of buying honestly represented jewelry at a brick and mortor and a 1 in 19 chance on the internet so a world of difference… as a good example of buyer beware, there is even a difference in diamonds that both have GIA grading certificates saying they are exactly the same, as there are millions of counterfeit certificates of all kinds, and there is even a difference between legitimate GIA diamond certificates from the USA and overseas  GIA certs. and might make thousands of dollars of difference even though the cert. says their the same!

#6 Do you have a money back guarantee? While this seems like a simple questions it is not at all! Did you know a 30 day etc. money back guarantee is legally called a period of pre agreed discovery. This is where if the vendor was dishonest about what they sold you, you would have 30 days to figure it out and after that you have no recourse because they and you agreed to a 30 day period to discover this. So it sounds good but it is not created to help you, it helps them be dishonest without worrying about you discovering it in the future. ALWAYS have the quality and size put down in writing without a return clause added to it!

#7 What shape of diamond is best to get?  This is easy the shape she wants…, having said that a consumer should know the round cut has by far the best brilliance, especially after it is dirty it will loose the least amount of sparkle.  The other fancy shapes as there called, oval, pear, cushion,princess, emerald, radiant, etc. are more unique and it is of paramount importance to get the finest cut possible as they loose a lot of sparkle when they become dirty anyway!  This is why is a fancy cut is not cut well the price can easily drop in half!

#8 Can i trade this in in the future for a larger diamond?  Most stores will say yes as they add the cost of the trade in to the price of the new purchase, a win win for the store not the consumer always.

#9 What is the difference between a real diamond, a natural diamond, genuine diamond, and a treated diamond?  Well in short what most people are asking is “is this a natural diamond” and if the answer is ” ofcourse this is a real diamond “…run for the hills.  A REAL diamond legally means it could be originally a natural diamond that has had a laser dig out the inclusions and filled back up with glass, to a fake diamond with a real diamond coating, to a man made real diamond, non of which are untreated natural diamonds out of the ground and have the same value as a natural diamond!

#10 Buy your diamonds face to face with a sales person who you can relate too and watch their non verbal communication body language etc.  They say 80% of communication is lost in texting, that also means it is 80% more difficult to determine if a company is being honest or deceptive with you online vs. face to face.  You WANT to go to a brick and mortar store where you can say show me you best diamond and worst diamond and then compare what you can afford to those and actually see what satisfies your expectations and budget! As well,  being face to face with a seller, now you are developing a relationship with a store that can help you when time matters for repairs, and guidance and advice for future purchases to help avoid, trendy purchases which might not be durable or stand the test of time from a fashion standpoint, etc.

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Apr 252018

I was trained at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) who created the world wide accepted scale for grading PAJ-GIA-Graded-336x280(1)diamonds. This organization besides training students about diamonds and grading also provides a service where you can send in your diamond and have them grade it, so you can understand what its value truly is. Its is actually a big business, as most jewelers like to sell diamonds that are quality grade certified to give their consumers confidence in their purchases with that store. Sounds great right? As with anything politics, religion, and yes business humans find ways to lie cheat and steal to get ahead the easy way…by misleading others..hmmmm You might even say “oh they wouldn’t do that” after im done laughing like crazy, lets talk about how this happens everywhere even in the best of vendors. I’ve been in the jewelry business since 1978 and in my experience about 1/3 of the brick and mortar stores are honest good quality vendors and about 1 in 19 of the online stores are honest and not deceptive sellers of diamonds. So the first lesson is if you believe you have found a incredible deal on a diamond that millions of other professional diamond dealers have not found before it became to be offered to you …like the comedian says…you might be stupid! Yes really, no and’s but’s or’s ! These less than honest vendors actually count on your ability to be groomed with half truths which you half understand and then your lowest price hungry brain is comfortable and tells the logical side to be satisfied and stop looking any further.
Example: the store has a good reputation, check… the salesperson made sense and was very knowledgeable, check….the diamond looks like the quality i desire on the diamond grading certificate, check… and the price is 25% less than everybody else,check….boom ill buy it!
So what did the consumer do wrong here, and the answer is nothing, they just didn’t do enough. why? There are millions of fake diamond certificates out there and there are tens of millions of intentionally inaccurate ones to help the retailers sell more diamonds. This is a huge problem these days.
Now add to this they have been making man made diamonds (especially small side diamonds) for over ten years cheaply and as my supplier of synthetic diamonds has told me “they have only been sold to the retailers for the last 4 years, who do you think kept us in business for the previous 12 years? Yes ring manufacturers over seas who manufacture and sell to unsuspecting chain stores, online vendors and brick and mortar jewelers, so millions of people who thought they got a great deal on a ring actually have our manufactured diamonds in them as side stones” I literally had a customer who came in last week 4-17-18 who bought two diamond rings on vacation because she couldn’t pass up the price, right, as it was a 2,700 dollar looking diamond ring. The problem is that is was a 500 dollar ring which is what she paid, they just didn’t tell her the whole truth! It was a real diamond ring right?…yes,check…they are good diamonds right?… yes check, they are certified diamonds right? yes check…OK ill buy it in fact she bought two! only to find out the whole truth at my store when she had them appraised. The moral of the story on everything in life but especially diamonds, is that you are not as smart as you think you are after reading a couple pages of information on the internet. Many other tricks of the trade are described in our diamond buying information portion of our website at  that i know you will enjoy and immediately find enlightening and useful, as we are one of the oldest diamond sellers on the web since 1996 and have seen every trick out there and are learning more everyday… enjoy your new understanding of what to ask about when buying diamonds, including are they natural and is this certificate accurate!

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May 162017

While some say “oh i’m not worried about being hacked, embezzled from or just blatantly ripped off” they should be.  According to all security analysts things are about to pick up exponentially as economies around the world are struggling and third world unfriendly citizens are learning more and more about computers. Up to this point […]

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Feb 092015

Pictured below are most of the popular diamond cuts. Round  is not shown because it’s shape is obvious, but it accounts for a whopping 80% of all diamonds sold.  All the other cuts put together equal only 20% of all diamonds sold.   A round cut is by far the most brilliant of all, and if […]

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Oct 172014

I just finished with a customer who inherited a 1ct. diamond and thought she was doing well by taking it to two jewelers for their opinion on quality and value. Both said it was a fantastic stone worth about nine thousand dollars and showed it to her under the microscope, pointing out only one small […]

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