What You Need To Know About Black Diamonds

here is one main reason everyone loves diamonds: SPARKLE! We’re attracted to the bright white flashes radiating from diamond jewelry. If you’ve been shopping for jewelry in the last couple years, you may have noticed a trend that’s a little bit shocking to the system.

What You Need To Know About Black Diamonds

That is, black diamonds.

A new trend

While they don’t sparkle the same way white diamonds do, they provide stunning contrasts in all kinds of jewelry. Black diamonds can dress up or dress down an outfit, making them even more versatile. When paired with white diamonds, black diamonds can give you the look and elegance of an all white diamond piece while lowering the cost. As their popularity grows you will find more and more options for these stunning and unique diamonds.

What is a black diamond? Is it real?

Like most all colored diamonds, natural black diamonds are extremely rare. They are technically real diamonds filled with dark inclusions (mostly graphite). They appear opaque because of their “polycrystalline” structure which prevents them from reflecting light.

Due to the price of natural black diamonds, most all the black diamonds you see in jewelry stores are treated to enhance their color, either with irradiation or heat treatment. This process actually turns the natural diamond a very dark green color that appears black.

Is there a difference in quality and price?

The treatment process doesn’t affect durability, but because black diamonds are heavily included and porous, they’re harder to cut and polish. This can result in blemishes and nicks in the surface. When buying black diamonds make sure the surface of them is smooth and polished.
The price of black diamonds is lower than white diamonds, mainly because they’re lower quality white diamonds that have been treated to turn black. A 1 carat round black diamond with a nice finish (no blemishes) will cost in the neighborhood of $1,400-$1,700.

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