Jan 092013

Does your ring snag on everything? In this case, your best bet is to take the ring to your local jeweler for inspection. There could be a couple reasons this is happening, and one scenario poses a risk to your stone. You can look at your prongs and try to guess, but it’s really hard to be certain without the eye of a trained professional.

A Raised Prong

If you have ever knocked your ring on something hard you may have raised the prong up off of the stone. This causes your ring to “catch” and also allows fibers to get caught underneath the prong. If the prong has been shifted too far off the stone it could catch and snap off, increasing the risk of losing the stone in a four-prong setting.

A Worn Prong

If a prong is wearing down this could also be the cause of it catching on fibers. Most of the time the tip of a prong will wear down fairly consistently, keeping its round shape. Sometimes, a prong will wear down on one side more than the other and develop a sharp edge. This can be fixed fairly easily by taking it to a jeweler and having it rounded again. It usually doesn’t cost much to have a prong re-rounded.

Normal Prong HeadProng Head Worn Edge







If your ring is constantly snagging or catching on things it’s best to take it to your local jeweler for inspection. It may be a worn edge, but the if the prong is raised off the stone it may be susceptible to breaking off easier. Remember, one broken prong on a four-prong setting can lead to a missing stone.

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