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Handwoven Yellow White Rose Gold Ring

In the last few years there’s been a major shift from yellow gold to white gold. We’re slowly starting to see a lot more people (celebrities in particular) shifting back to the classic yellow gold. In age of contemporary metals like Tungsten and Titanium, jeweler makers have started experimenting with different colored gold as well. In order to achieve this, regular gold (yellow) is mixed with different alloys (nickel for white, copper for rose) to give it a different hue.

What exactly is rose gold?

Rose gold gets its “rosy” color from copper being combined with gold. It’s also been referred to as “red gold” and “pink gold” – jewelry will show a stronger red color with a higher copper content.

The great thing about rose gold is that it still looks beautiful in combination with other metals. We’re starting to see a lot of white gold vintage engagement rings with rose gold trim.

White and Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring

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White and Rose Gold Diamond Anniversary Band



14K White and Rose Gold Diamond Anniversary Band






White and Rose Gold Diamond Anniversary Band



14K White and Rose Gold Diamond Band with 1/2 carat Round Diamonds.




Another advantage to rose gold is that it doesn’t have to be plated like white gold. Most white gold has a rhodium plating to make it bright white. Once the rhodium wears off, you can have your ring re-plated. Since rose gold gets its pinkish hue from mixing yellow gold with copper, it does not have to plated and will brighten up by simply polishing the ring.

14K Two Tone Modern Tension Set Rose Gold Engagement RingAncora Designer White and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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  1. I purchased a vintage ring from a consignment shop and paid for the ring as though it was 14K YG and precious stones. I had to have the ring sized and upon the ring being returned to me it came back the color of a new penny. I have photos of before the sizing and after and the metal is clearly a different color. I took the ring back to the consignment store to show and the response was “maybe it was plated”. I have 2 thoughts, how does a plated ring get sold for 14K price ? and when the ring was sized why didnt the jeweler inform me it was plated? At the very least, allow me to make the decision to invest in a piece that might not have that kind of value? There are no markings at all that I can find in this ring. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, appreciated in advance.

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