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Chocolate Diamonds

What is a Chocolate Diamond?

The term “Chocolate Diamond” is simply a marketing phrase coined by the jewelry manufacturer Le Vian. Chocolate diamonds are another type of brown, or cognac colored diamond.

There are natural brown diamonds, and there are those that have been color treated. Natural colored diamonds are always going to be more expensive than those that have been color treated.Brown and White Diamond Pendant

Are Chocolate Diamonds less valuable?

Usually, yes. The vast majority of colored diamonds are now color treated (if done the correct way this is a permanent process and there’s nothing wrong with it). However, since this is a relatively new product, many consumers are unaware that a large amount of colored diamonds are very low quality.

In order to produce any medium to high quality colored diamond, they must use a nice white diamond to begin with. However, in 90 percent of the colored diamonds they use a poor quality diamond to treat. Why? Simply because it’s cheaper, and they can get away with it.

Due to heavy marketing by chain stores, customers tend not to judge a brown or chocolate diamond in the same way they do a white diamond. Chocolate diamonds are often opaque in color, with heavy inclusions and little to no sparkle, yet consumers have begun to expect this because it’s everywhere. Unfortunately, what you see in a chain store newspaper ad is rarely what you get out of the case.

Higher Quality Brown Diamonds

In the end, a diamond with eye visible inclusions and a lack of brilliance will not look any better once it’s been color treated. A more expensive/valuable white diamond is used to make a vivid golden brown diamond, and a lower quality diamond less than half the price is used to make a grayish brown, less vivid chocolate, or muddy brown diamond.

If you want brown diamonds that have sparkle and a rich golden brown color, or especially if you want a larger single brown diamond as a center stone, you would be better off requesting a cognac color. Compare the differences in quality and decide what looks best to you.

If you like chocolate diamonds, by all means, buy them and enjoy them! When it comes to colored gemstones especially, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As always, just be conscious of the quality you’re paying for.

  55 Responses to “What You Need to Know About Chocolate Diamonds”

  1. I have a chocolate diamond, it they are worth less why do people like me get suckered into buying them?

    • Keep in mind, they are often worth less because the brown is hindering you from seeing inclusions you might have noticed if it were simply a white diamond. It doesn’t mean your diamond is worth less than it’s white counterpart of similar design and quality.

      “Worth less” isn’t “worthless.” Check the grade of the diamond, you’ll know if you were taken by comparing prices. Either way, if you’re happy with it, you’re not a sucker.

      • Good point Derek. Color can mask clarity at first glance so look closely…and if you’re happy with the overall color, just make sure it sparkles!

      • All things being equal, brown diamonds WILL cost less and have less value than their clear counterparts for the simple reason that they are considerably more common. There is an over-surplus, actually. “Chocolate diamonds” is an invented phrase, just like the phrase “smell-good plumber”. It’s a marketing description not an inherent quality.

    • Probably because you’re an idiot.

  2. Looking for best places to find the higher quality cognac, and be able to tell the difference. From Southeast MICHIGAN. Thank You.

    • I don’t know of any store in particular but if you’re looking for higher quality cognac diamonds I would recommend an independent jewelry store known for their diamonds and/or colored gemstones. It really depends on their access to colored diamond dealers. For something like this we would make multiple calls to our suppliers in order to get as close to the size and quality you’re looking for, and then memo a few stones in and go from there.

      Feel free to give us a call at 319-277-0717 if you have any other questions.

  3. If you don”t about high quality diamonds how will you no high quality when you see it

    • You have to compare. Without experience that is really the best way to know what you’re looking for. It’s fairly easy to make a low quality diamond seem nice to the inexperienced guy with a little lighting and persuasion…

  4. […] new scam. Although there are genuine brown diamonds out there, the vast majority are dusty, cloudy, poor-quality diamonds that have been exposed to radiation, turning them brown. You wouldn’t want these "gems" anywhere near your rings and necklaces, but they […]

  5. […] new scam. Although there are genuine brown diamonds out there, the vast majority are dusty, cloudy, poor-quality diamonds that have been exposed to radiation, turning them brown. You wouldn’t want these "gems" anywhere near your rings and necklaces, but they […]

  6. […] new scam. Although there are genuine brown diamonds out there, the vast majority are dusty, cloudy, poor-quality diamonds that have been exposed to radiation, turning them brown. You wouldn’t want these “gems” anywhere near your rings and necklaces, but they […]

  7. Are chocolate diamonds as strong as other diamonds?

  8. […] me tainted shit diamonds. I’m so glad he went to Jared to buy me super crappy diamonds.  Chocolate diamonds complete […]

  9. Dose Jared’s Have good Cognac diamond rings

    • No store carries ALL good or bad diamonds. I mention chain stores because these stores are often in high traffic areas and trying to make sales based on price. Thus, they tend to carry a lot of the lower quality goods. I’m not familiar with what you can “request” at Jared’s, but it always helps to compare different qualities.

  10. […] mean these things are practically worthless, poor quality diamonds and Jared keeps telling us that they are hot shit.  Its so crazy and shameless that you kinda have […]

  11. My husband bought me a quality ( 4 c’s ) Brown diamond ring! It is beyond Beautiful! Brown diamonds have been overlooked for far too long! I think people need to step outside the traditional box and dare to be different. I love white diamonds, however EVERYONE has them and they all look the same. A high quality brown diamond can be more expensive than a white diamond. The nay sayers can say what they want, I Love brown diamonds and wear them because I like them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people should wear what they think is beautiful. Go ahead and wear your Brown Diamonds!!!! They are Beautiful!!!!!

  12. What about chocolate diamond from Le Vian? Do they have a high quality? I just purchased mine from them, a ring with big garnet stone. It’s expensive..I love it, but I’m afraid the price is not worth with I paid for.

    • We had been looking at Joshua’s Jewelry and they have cognac diamond jewelry, and my wife and I tried them out, little did we know, that there is no such thing as chocolate diamonds, its all a marketing scam by the company called Le Vian, of course, people really need to realize, if they can afford to advertise it on TV, it is obviously going to be overpriced. We were very impressed by the cognac diamond ring we purchased from Joshua’s so we will definitely buy more from them…

      • I can’t believe the lies you are propigating! LeVian is a wonderful, trustworthy corporation I have been collecting Chocolate Diamonds for years! Only LeVian diamonds are branded and trademarked…have to be SI clarity or better…naturally chocolate, and fall on the Argyle scale between C4 and C7. Always mined in Australia at the Argyle mines. The only scam here is being perpetrated by YOU trying to discredit them@

        • I just bought my first pair of LeVian earrings. They have brown center stone, but they do not match..Is this normal?

          • I would either ask for a replacement or contact the manufacturer if there is a noticeable difference. They should stand by their product.

  13. One other thing that I’d definitely reoenmcmd taking into consideration is the metal of the ring and the setting. It’s really important to get a metal that is durable and will complement the stone you choose. I would suggest platinum because it’s the most durable precious metal and its natural whiteness really enhances the beauty of a precious stone.

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  15. WOW ! Is it not the dumbest question ever to ask “If there worthless why do people get suckered into buying them” Because of exactly that, they r suckers. Especially when you see it 20 times on TV. A one carat fair quality many stone rings (say a cluster of 15) cost 300 – 500 bucks at anyone of the cheap stores and pennys, sears, etc. But with a marketing budget of millions, they will charge 1700.00 for the same ring in “chocolate” People are just plain led so easily. I am just an electrician, but I see this same thing every christmas and all year long for the fact in every business. Think your 401K is making you money ? NO.. .It is making them money… You may see an uptick, or even a small gain, but they steal it right in front of your eyes, hide the fees, and the buying periods.

    Go ahead, buy a chocolate ring at Kays, after all, every kiss begins with it…. Then take it to a real jeweler and have them appraise it, a real appraisal. WHAT will they give you for it. 250.00 for a 1500.00 ring.
    Of course this site has the 1 post that is to cover all… My husband bought me a 4C blah blah… Yea right, what did that cost 20K. Guess you would love it. The real thing is for the 50K year guy and buying for his wife, that is where they make the money. Suck HER in on TV and then it gets dropped on your lap, don’t buy it … Then you must not love her… Wonder when that comemrical comes out…. A women walking away from her man because he didn’t ge to Jareds…

    • The only “dumb” questions are the ones not asked. Not everyone is an expert at everything, so asking a question of someone who is, is a smart way to learn.

  16. I would rather have an emerald engagement ring with accent diamonds than the big white diamond. White diamonds all look the same to the naked eye and no different. I have brown diamonds and they were listed as “chocolate diamonds” before Le Vian Company ever had them listed, 9 years ago I got my first chocolate diamond bracelet, earnings and ring. They weren’t expensive and I am fine with the lower quality as I have pretty diamonds and that is my point to having any diamonds. I prefer colored gemstones to the clear, white color. Like Tanzanite, which the dark blue/purple colors are more rare than diamonds since they are only found in Tanzania and the mine is running dry, I have my 3 carat tanzanite stone as my investment and it is a beautiful dark purple and has tripled in it’s price since bought in 2008. Diamonds are nice, but not my color.

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  18. My husband purchased a Le Vian brown diamond/white diamond band at Kay’s Jewlers. However, the brown diamonds look almost just like the white diamonds. Has anyone else experienced this. The chocolate diamonds being so light. Think it’s going back!!!

  19. I am sorry to inform you that the stones used by le vian are NOT colour treated. The are natural and only the top 2% of the stones mined are used. I know as i have actually been there when seeing one cut! The stoned are certified and come from the same mines that the yelliw diamond are from. Fancy NATURAL coloured diamonds are MORE expensive than white(colourless) diamonds
    Just look at the hope diamond for proof.

    • It all depends on the quality. Yes, some fancy colored diamonds are more expensive but most of the “chocolate” diamonds are below Z-grade in color, making them good for industrial use, which, indeed, they usually are.

      • Actually. You are wrong. The “chocolate” diamonds from le vian are NOT un that range. They are also not “industrial” stones. Again, as someone who works with them, cut them and sells them. I do know what it takes to make the “grade” as they say. The le vian chocolates arent color treated either. They have an exotic range which are….and are clearly marked as such. Perhaps legal teams should discuss this as this blig borders on slander and defamation?

        Le vian has been around for 500 years….the arent going to tarnish a very well established reputation.

        • LOL…go ahead and call a legal team, they will laugh you out of the office-I am an attorney’s wife- and YOU obviously are a LeVian internet troll who keeps egg off their face. People pay hard earned money for diamonds, under the assumption they are some rare commodity when in face they are the most common precious stone on Earth, just a bit more difficult to mine, but there is a glut of non-jewelry grade stones mined and it is the way of business to take the leftovers and create a wonder…sausage is a good example. Anyway, people drop a lot of cash and sentiment on diamonds and they deserve to know the truth…or at least to be told other possibilities so they can research for themselves.

          • There is, what basically adds up to a diamond cartel, that holds all the excellent diamonds and only distributes a certain amount each year-to keep the price up.
            I am a long time researcher and a in school for a gemology degree, so you know I do know what I am talking about and not just spouting off.

          • You can thank de beers for the control of the diamond market. If you had half the clue you claim to have, you woukd know which mines the brown GEM quality stones come from, the grading of the stones and strict regulations on them. You havent been present when a NATURAL gem quality stone is cut. Simply because you are a Lawyers wife….doesnt mean you are well versed in international law. Americans always think someone is scaming them. Thank god the rest of the world works on common sense and regulations. Btw….im not a “le vian troll” just a jeweller with more years cutting stones than you’ve probably been an adult.

          • Doesn’t take a lawyer’s wife to know you cannot sue a blog for libel (its only slander if its spoken). We Americans have a little thing called free speech and unless you do real, tangible damage, you can say what you want.
            I am suspect of any real jeweler who so doggedly hold on to an idea when it only takes a bit of research to know the truth.
            Not sure where your moral compass points but I will never sell anyone anything they dont know all the facts about.

          • Btw le vian has never needed anyone to keep egg off thier face. Time, history and thier yearly income is proof of that. After all you would know the name uf you were studying….unless you miss the history of some of the most notable diamonds un history?

          • No, I am still into the geometry and chemisrty of the stones, not the learning how to be a jewlery saleman yet. ANd since WHEN does a corporations income havs anything to dowith how forthright they are? Thing is, they are NOT claiming these are extraprdinary diamond, they do not claim they are superior, they just call their collection unique, which it IS. They take these so-so stones, add brown “paint” tot he gold, which reflect on the diamonds to make them more brown and there you have it. The collection is not outrageously expensive and I would buy it if I found a few pieces I like. The issue I was presenting was that people should know what they are buying. 90 percent of gems sold in chains are lab created but unless you ASK them they wont tell you. That is dishonest to me.There is good reason (as I know you know) why its all lab now, but to not say it up front, its not right. Do you see the difference here?

          • You have no clue. Seriously. Le vian paints nothing. The stones are not coloured. The only diamonds they have that are coloured are the exotique. AND THE CLEARLY MARKET THEM AS TREATED. The brown diamonds sold as chocolate are NOT treated. VERY few are used for jewellry. Only 2% of the mined stones are used in their work. Less than 1% are “center stone” quality. They arent dishonest.

          • I hate to break a few truths to you diane…free speech isnt just an american thing. Second…plenty of people have been dragged through court over what they post online. Check your facts. Thirdly le vian has 500years experience. Including cutting the koh-i-noor. SURELY you know that diamond?
            As for the chocolates….those are c1-c7 colour. So you were wrong on that. They are also SI -or better- in clarity. A HUGE portion of “white” diamonds on the market do not come close. NEVER MIND a -good- diamond isnt white! Its colourless. Now if you wish to still show your lack of knowledge, by all means do. But if you are going to say that “brown” diamonds are worthless…. look at the golden jubilee. A champagne (pale brown) diamond that is 545ct. I can now, solidly bet i have far more experience and knowledge than you do.
            As you believe a chocolate diamond is treated. You are, as we say, talking out your arse. Le vian has no issue with clearly marking a treated diamond as coloured. But when its not coloured…the arent going to say it is.

          • Just go to GAI’s site and look it up. I never said what you think I did. I said that the bottom of barrel diamond are industrial and usually brown but then you start the upswing into the fancy diamonds and that is where we part company…you call them fancy I call them junk and judging by the comments made here by people who have bought them and looking at them with my 10x yesterday at a jewelry store I maintain these are not the best. If they were truly fancy diamond the jewelry would be a lot more expensive. I do not understand the personal attacks…why is this so important to you? Nevermind, spent the night in the ER and don’t need this right now.If its that important fo you to be right and personally superior, take it, its not important to me like ti seems to be to you.

          • Not a huge fan if pity party ploys to gain ground in an arguement. There is a difference between cull(diamonds used for industrial purpose) and gem quality. No they are NOT lab created. They are not TREATED. Know your gems. I have PERSONALLY cut a GEM QUALITY brown MINED diamond. Have you? It becomes a “fancy” when the quality of the stone is exceptional. Such as a c5 SI 1 BROWN/chocolate diamond. Which is a far cry from cull for industrial(usually cutting) diamonds. In other countries there are strict regulations on stones and disclosure. Le vian has never had an issue passing mustard so, doubt they do now.
            Most lay people cant tell a good diamond from an excellantly cut mediocre one. I can prove that a hundred times a day any week of the year.
            A top quality chocolate….is breath taking.

            I also note you ignore certain facts posted. Not surprising. I expected as much.

      • Please for give the typos. Im writing on my phone.

  20. I would like to subscribe but it is telling me feedburner is not enabled.

  21. Brown diamonds are usually used for industrial purposes (drill bits and whatnot), if that helps y’all determine how valuable these gravel stones are. And why do people get suckered into consumer traps like this? Beats me, I’ve always wondered that myself. The first time I saw a “chocolate diamond” commercial, I thought to myself: “what! they are trying to sell a garbage stone to me and think I’m going to jump all over it just because they call it ‘chocolate’.”

  22. As PT Barnum said- There is a sucker born every minute. And they are apparently the ones buying these ridiculous bits of industrial drill bit fodder.

    • You are only a sucker if you don’t want the item to begin with. I NEVER pay full price (usually 50% off, then another 20% off with a coupon at Macys). I shop around for the same design just to be sure. And I love the variety/design of the jewelry as well as the quality of the shank and remaining non-chocolate diamonds. I get many compliments as well, and I already have white diamond rings and gold. If anything, gold is a better investment. Diamonds haven’t gone up in price since my wedding many years ago.

      I could take my family to Chili’s 10x for a mediocre meal or I can buy a “nice” piece of jewelry for the same price and make them dinner 20x. The cost of the LeVian rings are not outrageous. I couldn’t afford a flawless, colorless, ideal cut diamond ring anyway – it would be 10x as much.

  23. Chocolate, brown or whatever the diamonds look beautiful in a rose gold setting with white diamonds. If you like how they look, enjoy the lower price because it’s not like you were looking to sell it anyway. I’m so happy with how it looks. It’s a unique ring and I get a lot of compliments on it because nobody has seen anything like it. However ‘mediocre’ it is, I think it’s a personal decision that somebody buys it becuase they love the look of it. It’s ridiculous that anyone would criticize these diamonds for any reason.

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