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There is one main reason everyone loves diamonds: SPARKLE! We’re attracted to the bright white flashes radiating from diamond jewelry. If you’ve been shopping for jewelry in the last couple years, you may have noticed a trend that’s a little bit shocking to the system.

That is, black diamonds.

A new trend

While they don’t sparkle the same way white diamonds do, they provide stunning contrasts in all kinds of jewelry. Black diamonds can dress up or dress down an outfit, making them even more versatile. When paired with white diamonds, black diamonds can give you the look and elegance of an all white diamond piece while lowering the cost. As their popularity grows you will find more and more options for these stunning and unique diamonds.

14K Black and White Diamond Band

Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Heart Pendant










What is a black diamond? Is it real?

Like most all colored diamonds, natural black diamonds are extremely rare. They are technically real diamonds filled with dark inclusions (mostly graphite).  They appear opaque because of their “polycrystalline” structure which prevents them from reflecting light.

Due to the price of natural black diamonds, most all the black diamonds you see in jewelry stores are treated to enhance their color, either with irradiation or heat treatment. This process actually turns the natural diamond a very dark green color that appears black.

Is there a difference in quality and price?

The treatment process doesn’t affect durability, but because black diamonds are heavily included and porous, they’re harder to cut and polish. This can result in blemishes and nicks in the surface. When buying black diamonds make sure the surface of them is smooth and polished.

The price of black diamonds is lower than white diamonds, mainly because they’re lower quality white diamonds that have been treated to turn black. A 1 carat round black diamond with a nice finish (no blemishes) will cost in the neighborhood of $1,400-$1,700.

  30 Responses to “What You Need To Know About Black Diamonds”

  1. How much would a black diamond that’s roughly 4.5 carats be worth if sold to a jeweler / other buyer? I am able to get one, so want to know how much it should be worth before I buy it.

  2. If I’m able to get a black diamond that’s roughly 4.5 carats, how much would it be worth to a jeweler / other buyer?

  3. I do consider all the ideas you’ve offered in your post. They’re really convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for novices. May you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  4. I have Genuine Black Diamond, Can you give me a best Buyer.

  5. My Black Diamond is 25 carat more or less, Who anyone/Buyers interested mail me talaveraaristotle@yahoo.com.ph

  6. I have a beautiful natural black diamond 5.30 carat set in silver 4 post size 7 ladies ring for sale. can send pictures if interested. please email me at this address if interested. Very beautiful designs on ring. stamps 925 on silver.

  7. I have about 1000 gram of black stone I got it from my father so I want to recognize it because I think it black diamond especially when I knew that my father brought it from s.Africa so please, can you help me ?

  8. I will take some photos for my stone and I will send it for you as soon as possiple

  9. I found something pretty cool in the ocean it looks like a dragons head but it also has a female indian engraved on the said. but it has these rock that are burnt but are see throw when wet. they look like the images of black diemon
    where can I go to ck it out

  10. Omar & jesse. Can you both attach or send some photo of your stones on my email. riyad_1816@yahoo.com

    • I have Natural black diamonds, varying from 1.3 carat to 2.9 carats per stone. Round cut. Each stone with a certificate. Email me if Natural Black Diamonds are something you’re interested in: Abuzar_aryoubi@yahoo.com. I can send you pictures upon request.

  11. I have some rocks unearth from the crater of an active volcano about a few 1000km deep into the earth. They are black and Krystle sparkle rays of many colors reflected out of it when light touches it.
    I am not sure of it but by looking at it, it frighten me because after doing some research, it definitely have the resemblance of a black diamond. Smooth color, edges and very dark.
    Does any diamond expert dare to take a look at them. If anyone is interested in them, you can email me on my private email address. I use to shine flash light to them to see the beautiful reflection they make in the dark room at night.

  12. hi im curious about our family stones found in our farm fields here in Philippines we had many stone and some people says that is a black diamondsand other color of diamonds.we gone through analysis of the stone in DAVAO MINERAL LABORATORIES, INC located in LANANG DAVAO CITY.
    the ANALYSIS REPORT was said: The sample received was analyzed by qualitative test. It was determined to be minerals composed of aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide,, iron oxide, silica and calcium oxide. it was negative indication of precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum.What does it mean im not familiar with that meaning and stones we had black, blue, green and pink…hope you can help us to find buyer this stones….its a big help for our family.

    • I have the same thing, can u plz tell me if you get any help from those people

      • I can help you run the diagnostic tests to determine what mineral(s) you have if you wish. The geochemical assay data provided by the initial comment gives a starting point but without seeing the bulk sample that was submitted or the specific crystals that were assayed it’s pretty well impossible to make any definitive conclusions. Luckily there are far easier and cheaper tests which do give definitive answers. Let me know if you would like me to describe them to you.

  13. I have a 13 carrot black diamond. Very nice shape. What’s it worth and where do I sell it? I also have 400 plus or minus collectable coins. Including some of the first made Pennys and Silver Dollars. I have some things that I need to pay off asap. Please help. Thanks.

  14. Omar n Jessica send me the pictures of thec stone

    • I have Natural black diamonds, varying from 1.3 carat to 2.9 carats per stone. Round cut. Each stone with a certificate. Email me if Natural Black Diamonds are something you’re interested in: Abuzar_aryoubi@yahoo.com. I can send you pictures upon request.

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  16. I am from Papua New Guinea (the land of the unexpected).Look I may have more than a 100 kilos of this stones.I have done all the local methods of testing and verifying, to really believe that I have actually more than a 100 kilos of black diamond.I need to sell this stones. Can you or anyone assist me with a market.

  17. Hi….
    I am from Philippines….
    My husband found a 2 blackstones by the time they’re digging on our farm to make a deepweel.
    This kind of black stones can stick on a stainless thing. One of my husband friend say that
    Maybe its a black diamond. If we want to sell it,Please can you help us find a good buyer.
    Thank you.. I will look this as a big help on us… God bless!

  18. hi am patrick and i have a black stone and its hard to cut which i think its a black diamond if yuo are intrested and being a good buyer plz communicate to me

  19. Hi i have a strand of Black Diamond Graduated Faceted Drops Approx From 2×1 to 3x2mm on a 2cm Strand which totals to 4 cts. Does anyone know if they are worth much please? I do have pictures. Thanks in advance.

  20. I have 25 pcs. Of black diamonds 3.30/carat can u help.me to find a good buyer?

  21. I have a 1.71 Carat Black diamond with Geneva Card Verify .

  22. I have Natural black diamonds, varying from 1.3 carat to 2.9 carats per stone. Round cut. Each stone with a certificate. Email me if Natural Black Diamonds are something you’re interested in: Abuzar_aryoubi@yahoo.com. I can send you pictures upon request.

  23. […] was black (the unknown, possibility, potential). I was told it was suppose to be that way, that black diamonds were very, very […]

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