May 162017

While some say “oh i’m not worried about being hacked, embezzled from or just blatantly ripped off” they should be.  According to all security analysts things are about to pick up exponentially as economies around the world are struggling and third world unfriendly citizens are learning more and more about computers.

Up to this point i personally have been hacked as of yesterday 4 times, with them trying to get to paypal accounts, my bank accounts, my credit cards twice, you have to ask yourself what can you do to stop this? Only one good answer emerges to avoiding scams and that is to make sure a site is verified secure, (it will be posted on their home page), and if what a site is telling you about price or quality is very different than sites you know are reputable,or “the deal “is too good to be true just plain DON”T believe it! Last time i checked only 1 out of 19 sites selling jewelery was doing so honestly, either using computer generated photos and telling you this is the actual gemstone your buying, or telling you the quality of a diamond is this that or the other thing and its actually many grades off, and no longer a good value,  let alone what you thought you were buying etc. etc.

Another good way to avoid scams is always call the site, and ask them many questions about what your interested in, and see how much they know or if they give you poor or distracting comments back, or if they have a difficult time speaking english!   Ask if they have a physical location, if they don’t , they can be here today and gone tomorrow.

Check their reviews and the dates of them which might help you determine if there real reviews or robo generated or if the bad reviews have been eliminated. There are companies that will get rid of your bad reviews, one is called, where you pay and your troubles go away…is there advertizing slogan.

Basically what i’m trying to tell you is the internet is the wild west on steroids. To ease your mind we at the literally are willing to do all the refinements of your order over the phone once you found us and  products your interested in.
     This is a testamonial from a high level developer at microsoft who is a customer of ours and so you know you can trust the review of someone who knows the web front to back, you will be able to see her years of archives of information she writes for her workers at microsoft , and that it is not a phoney reviewer, enjoy…by clicking the link if you want to read, or you can go to “” and read all the testamonials including Irena’s.

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