Apr 082013

When it comes time for the guy to pick his ring out, some guys quickly pick out a cheap ring and head over to the checkout. Other guys want the gold, but they want something unique, not the same old polished band.

Every jeweler loves to help a guy interested in his wedding band, because the fact is, there are some very cool wedding bands out there.

One of my favorite companies carrying unique wedding bands for men is none other than – Unique Settings of New York. Yes, we do carry their rings. No, I’m not just trying to sell them. Simply put, they’re a quality company, their bands are custom made in the U.S., and they’ve recently come out with some incredibly unique mens’ wedding bands that you can’t find anywhere else.


Unique Men's Band with Round Diamonds in Design Pattern

Round diamonds bezel set with in-laid design pattern


Men's Carved Diamond Wedding Band

Round diamonds set in a carved wave pattern with brush finish.


Handwoven Yellow Gold Men's Band

Yellow gold handwoven wedding band


Men's Celtic Pattern Band

Unique Celtic band with top-polish finish and brushed recesses.


Modern White Gold Men's Wedding Band

Modern men’s band with rough brush finish and polished edges


Fancy carved wedding band with satin finish

Two tone fancy carved wedding band with satin finish. Available in solid colors also.


Gold Two Tone Diamond Cut Men's Band

14K two-tone diamond cut band with high polish finish. Available in solid colors also.


As a wholesaler, these are just a few of their fancy men’s wedding bands. You can see more of them here, and most are available in white or yellow gold. There is no pricing on their website, but anything you see can be ordered through our site – The Diamond Store.


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