Oct 172014
importance of having a jeweler you can trust

Commonly on the internet & at chain stores the stone on the right is communicated as the quality of the stone on the left, which is obviously not the case!

I just finished with a customer who inherited a 1ct. diamond and thought she was doing well by taking it to two jewelers for their opinion on quality and value. Both said it was a fantastic stone worth about nine thousand dollars and showed it to her under the microscope, pointing out only one small inclusion or flaw. This was a smart idea; however she then decided to take it to her family jeweler and leave it as a loose stone (not mounted in a ring) for an appraisal.
Remember, when she left it they told her that it was a really nice diamond, as did the previous jeweler she took it to. When she returned to the store to pick up the diamond and the new appraisal, she noticed it didn’t look the same and questioned them about it. Their reply was….”we mistakenly thought it was a fine stone when you brought it in but after looking at it more closely we determined it was a low quality stone.” WOW…Really? She accepted their story and paid for the appraisal and left. After thinking about it for a period of time she began to question what had occurred, as she certainly should have.
We instructed her to return to the store and start asking questions and to write down the answers so she didn’t get confused later. The first mistake she made was not to get anything in writing the first time she inquired about its quality, and even better a diagram of the diamond-including its inclusions, size, and locations under magnification before leaving it in someone else’s hands.
The diamond she brought in to me to purchase was of a very low quality with two chips on the edge and numerous eye visible inclusions. She swears the inclusions were not in the stone prior to leaving it at the previous store, since she had looked at it under the microscope at the first store. Usually I always wonder if the customer was just mistaken, but in this case two other jewelers stated it was a very high quality stone and she also remembers this according to what she viewed herself under the microscope, so I truly believe her story. Long story short, she now has no proof of the nice quality diamond she left at what she thought would be a trusted family jeweler. She is now out of luck, sad to say, as I could only offer her $1,000 for what is now an extremely low quality diamond…

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