Feb 142013

Carrie Underwood took home another Grammy last night. But that isn’t really what everyone’s talking about.

No. There’s more important things to discuss when your dress is animated and there’s $31 million hanging on your neck.

The dress, designed by Roberto Cavalli, featured a four-and-a-half foot skirt that was lit up by two different projectors. Underwood stood still, singing her Grammy award winning song “Blown Away,” while butterflies and swirly lights danced across her impressive gown.

Carrie Underwood Grammy Dress

The necklace made a statement (in all capital letters with exclamation points) with a combination of Round, Pear, Oval and Marquise diamonds totaling 381 carats. The necklace was a gift from jewelry designer Johnathan Arndt.

Carrie Underwood $31 million Necklace

Sorry, we don’t have a “look for less” option this time…..

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  1. Very stylish elegance necklace.Love…Love…Love…

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