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“To solder, or not to solder” is an all too common question for the soon-to-be bride.

And the answer can be different for every ring and every wearer. There are both pros and cons to soldering your wedding bands. I would say the majority of people choose to solder their bands but it’s not a large majority.

Some wedding bands just don’t look right without the engagement ring. Other wedding bands may not sit well next to the engagement ring during everyday wear. These are two issues that soldering can overcome.

If you choose NOT to solder…

You can always wear the wedding band by itself. I would say this is the number one reason people decide not to have their wedding rings soldered. This is a big one for those who wear an engagement ring with a center stone that is raised up in prongs. Their job or lifestyle requires them to take off the engagement ring frequently and they want to be able to wear a low-profile band by itself.

If you choose to solder…

The gold in your rings doesn’t wear down. When your engagement ring and pros&consofsoldering

wedding band aren’t soldered they tend to slip and rub against each other on

a regular basis. Over time this will wear down the gold in either band (and the

rhodium plating on white gold).

Also, when your wedding rings are soldered together they won’t slide around,

and sometimes it even helps to prevent top-heavy rings from spinning on your finger.

Remember, if your engagement ring by itself fits perfectly, before soldering the wedding band next to it you may need to have it sized up. A wider ring (or set) will always fit tighter than a narrow single ring.

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  1. Great article..Nice information..Thanks for sharing

  2. Can this process be reversed

    • If it’s done correctly, yes. If they solder the back of the ring to look like 1 band then it is more difficult to have it reversed.

  3. How long should soldering last?

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