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There are a lot of choices when it comes to mens’ wedding bands and the different types of metals being offered now days, making prices range from 60 dollars to thousands.  Gold has always been the long-standing choice for wedding bands (and still is for the girl), but in recent years contemporary metals such as Tungsten and Titanium have become increasingly popular amongst the guys.  The cost of these new metals make the prices much more affordable. Let’s take look at some of the pros and cons associated with precious and contemporary metals…

Precious metals (gold or platinum)


Mens Gold Wedding Band

14k Gold Two Tone Wedding Band from Stuller

  • They can be re-sized should your finger size change.
  • They can be repaired when damaged and refurbished if worn down.
  • They can be engraved.
  • A plain band can have diamonds added to it in the future.

You may see the higher price as a “con” but gold has been shown to hold its value over long periods of time, which is certainly a good thing.

Contemporary metals (Tungsten, Titanium, Steel, Ceramic)


  • They offer a large variety of materials, colors and styles to choose from.
  • They are fairly inexpensive, usually around $60-$350

    Black Tungsten Mens Wedding Band

    Black Tungsten Wedding Band from Stuller


  • They cannot be re-sized
  • They cannot be refurbished when scratched or gouged
  • They cannot be engraved

Many companies tout these rings as being “scratch-proof”, which is not exactly true.  Since they are much harder than gold they are harder to scratch, but it’s still possible.  Also, what is gained in hardness is lost in flexibility.  Most of these rings do not bend from normal wear and tear, but if hit hard enough they will crack.  Contemporary metals such as these are a unique and affordable option for many, but should not be bought with the assumption they will last forever.

Which one?

In all reality, the issue does not come down to durability, but rather a sentimental one.  If you are tempted to go with contemporary metals based on price alone, I encourage you to look at it this way…after the $3,000 engagement ring and $20,000 wedding, the only thing you can look at every day which reminds  you of  that special day and your commitment to each other, is your ring.  Why not invest in one that will last a lifetime?

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Is there a men’s ring size 9 beryllium ring out there anywhere? thanks.

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