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Ring sizer for sizing a ring

Sizing a ring is more complicated than what it might seem. You may hear prices ranging from $30-$120. There are often many variables involved such as:

–Is the ring being sized up or down? How far do you have to go?
–How wide is the ring shank?
–Are there any side diamonds, and how far down the ring are they set?
–Is the center stone tension set or a half bezel (this makes it harder)?

Don’t always go for the CHEAPEST price

Many people are tempted to base their decision of where to go on price alone. As is the case in many other businesses, price is far less important than the reputation of the jeweler.

A simple ring sizing (one of the easiest goldsmithing jobs), if done quickly can result in a ring shank bottom that is of uneven thickness or has a visibly poor polish (should have a mirror finish inside and out). Even worse is the common problem of the repair person wearing the bottom of the ring too thin (the bottom shank should be the same thickness as when you took it in).

In the most common scenario, the bench jeweler is just working too fast and not being careful enough to grind down the spot where the blob of solder was put to size your ring. A good jeweler instructs their repair people to take their time and do a good job and only grind down the area where the sizing was executed, and not grind down the entire bottom of the ring.

There’s another reason you might be subject to low quality repair work, and surprisingly this is something you might never understand without some inside information. Some stores will actually allow their repair people to keep any gold dust they accumulate as a kind of bonus. With today’s gold prices, that’s a pretty good deal. Just not for you and your ring. If the bottom part of the shank looks thinner than when you brought it in, it probably is…and now the bench jeweler’s on vacation.

How can you avoid this?

My advice is to look for an independent jeweler who does the work in-house, and don’t expect it to be done while you wait. Stores with a “one-hour sizing” wait or similar policies are rarely able to do quality work (all jewelry repair work is not created equal). Many places will accommodate customers who request their ring be done in less time, but honestly it is not in your best interest to negotiate this. Most jewelers will sacrifice quality of the work before they sacrifice the sale altogether.

I would say that a reasonable ring sizing is in the neighborhood of $35-$90, and that’s for a less complex ladies ring. With today’s gold prices, sizing a thick men’s band could be closer to $200 and still be reasonable.  Ask your jeweler what type of labor is involved in sizing your particular ring.

Most importantly, take it to a well-known local jeweler you can trust. Word of mouth is powerful and the honest jewelers usually have a good reputation because of it.

  44 Responses to “How Much Should It Cost To Get Your Ring Sized?”

  1. How much would it be to get a princess one diamond gold ring to get sized down???

  2. How much would it cost to get white gold with a dimaond size 7 sized up to a 9

  3. how much will it cost to go from a 6 to an 8

  4. How much should it cost to get a set of wedding bands sized from a 7 to an 8?

    • It’s hard to say. However, if you have two bands soldered together and they need to be sized down there are usually extra costs involved. A jeweler has to unsolder the bands, size each one, and then solder them back together.

  5. How much would it cost to make a size five ring into a 4.5? It is a solid band with a pearl in the middle.

  6. how much does it cost to go from a six to a 4

  7. Do you think it should be possible to get an antique ring (fairly ornate platinum with one larger diamond, four very small ones etc) sized down from an 8 1/5 to a 5 1/2? If not, do you think it is reasonable to try to get it sized down to a 7 and wear it with a sizer?

    • There’s always a risk in sizing down ornate vintage rings. I’m guessing 1 size down would be a lot safer than 3, but it depends on the ring. Ask your jeweler to be honest about the risks involved.

  8. How much would it cost to get a ring resized (down) 5 sizes? Is there danger in down sizing a ring so much if it has stones in it? If so would it be better to get the stone made into a pendant? How much would this cost approximately? The rings are 18K.
    Thanks for your advice.

    • There’s definitely a risk in sizing down a ring 5 sizes, especially if it has stones in it. The cost will all depend on the type of ring and what could occur during the process (cracks, loose stones). I would find out all the risks involved with sizing it down that much, and decide if you want to take the chance or create a new piece.

  9. Is it possible to have a thin shank on a sterling silver diamond ring made wider? I’ve heard it’s possible to have the current shank taken off(sawed off?)and a new wider shank soldered on?
    If it’s possible what price should I expect to pay?

    • You can not just “make it wider” but yes, you could re-shank the ring with a wider piece. However, given the ring is sterling silver, it will likely cost more than what you paid for the ring in time/labor.

  10. How much would it cost to get a male ring, no diamonds, silver and gold in the middle, re-sized from a 9.5 down to just a 9?

  11. how much would it cost to get a ring fitted. gold ring

  12. How much would it cost to size a sterling silver ring down a half size?

  13. Is it possible to size an antique (approx. 1900-1920) 925 silver Claddagh ring several sizes down? And how expensive would it be?

  14. I am wondering about up sizing my grandpas wedding ring for my fiance. It gold and semi thick its from the 50s or 60s

  15. my ring is a size 11 but i need it to be 10, but my ring has my name and husbands engraved will this affect it if i bring it down a size. its a solid sliver no stones. how much will it be????????????

  16. my ring is a size 11 but i need it to be 10, but my ring has my name and husbands engraved will this affect it if i bring it down a size. its a solid sliver no stones. how much will it be????????????

  17. your comment about gold fileings are mis leading, as a bench jeweler for 36 yearsI know it can take quite some time to acumulate enough fileings to amount to big bunches of cash.These then have to be sent to a refiner who takes his cut. No employer I have ever worked for allows their jewler to keep that acumulated scrap.They keep it for themselves. It is also highly impractical to try to quantify and return gold fileings on a per job basis. Poor quality sizeing can be the result of lack of skill, a poorly manufactured ring,age of the ring including how much work has been done on it in the past and quite frankly customer wear. The first two being the main reason.Lack of skill comes from little or no practical training and frankly lousy wages hardly a motivator for quality work. Sales staff also play a role in customer un happines by not recording the condition of the ring when they take it in and not explaining the possible risk involved

    • Thank you T Baker for posting this! As a fellow jeweler myself, I was appalled with this article and its lack of accurate information. I have never heard of any bench positions that allow you to keep filings or scrap. Most jewelry repair shops have special procedures to make sure that their bench jewelers do not leave with even a speck of gold dust on their clothing.
      To say that your bench jeweler is on vacation with the scrap from your ring is a joke. It takes much skill and practice to be able to resize a ring correctly. With the current rates of how little bench jewelers are actually paid for quality repair work, you are lucky to find any skilled jewelers who are willing to work for so little. Factoring in the ridiculously low prices that the general public would like to spend on quality jewelry repair, it is most likely that your bench jeweler is living paycheck to paycheck, not going on vacation with all of that supposed cash from your ring filings.

  18. Wondering how much it would be about to make a 7 to a 7 and a half on a Sterling silver wedding set band and distach band and ring?

  19. I have two rings. One would have to go up only one size and the other would have to go up at least three sixes?? How much would it cost to resize them both, and how long would it take to do them????

  20. I have my mothers rings that I think are a size 6 and I need them to be sized to a 9. What would the approximate cost be? there’s and engagement ring and wedding band. There are 3 small diamonds on the sides but don’t go down very far.

  21. just got an estimate on resizing women’s gold wedding ring to two sizes larger. the estimate was 85.00.
    I asked why so much and he said because he would have to add gold to make ring larger.

  22. Can I have a ring resized even if it’s fake?

  23. How much should it cost to enlarge a 14k Russian wedding ring from size L and a half to a size R?, 3 different colours, rose, white and yellow solid gold?

  24. I have a Jostens Signet College class reing 10k that I need to get sized up from 10 to 11 3/4 how much should this cost?

    • Jostens has lifetime – free resizing. I have had mine resized 3 times and it is Yellow Gold. Just look up Jostens on line and ask them.

  25. I need my ring sized from a 7 to a 10 10ktgold

  26. I need my ring sized from a 7 to a 10 10ktgold

  27. I have an ring that is size 11.5, and another that is size 7. My question is….can I downsize the larger ring, and use the gold from that to upsize the smaller ring. any info appreciated

    • I’m NOT a jeweler (just a lover of jewelry), but I should think that a jeweler could only use the shank from the larger ring (the 11.5) to upsize the smaller ring (the 7) only:
      (1) IF the WIDTH and THICKNESS of the shank were the same on BOTH rings, and

      (2) IF the piece removed from the larger ring was long enough to make up the up-sizing length the smaller ring will require: Let’s say you need BOTH rings to be made a size 9. I don’t know what each size up equals in millimeters of length of gold band, but IF the shank width and thickness both match (see 1 above), the jeweler would have to end up with ENOUGH material from the larger ring to add it to the smaller. IF you know both rings have the same size bands, you’d have to let a reputable jeweler look at them.

  28. So I bought my friend a sterling silver ring with an Aquamarine center stone surrounded by saphires… Problem is that I need to get the ring sized down possibly 2 or 3 sizes… Any thoughts on prices and risk I may be looking at?

  29. I brought a ring from India 22 c gold, its a size 8 I need a size 8.5, What should I do?

  30. How much would it cost to stretch a size 6 to a 7.5 on a 24kt gold women’s engagment ring. 3small diamonds on top, and one large in the middle.

  31. I have a whit Gold band in size 9. I need it to be sized down to a 6. How much should that cost? Thank you in advance.

  32. How much would it cost to go from a size 6 to a size 9 1/2??

  33. How much would it cost to get this ring sized that I bought yesterday. It’s a 7 & it needs to be 5 1/2???

  34. How much would it cost to get this ring sized that I bought yesterday. It’s a 7 & it needs to be 5 1/2??? I got it from a pawnshop

  35. I am seriously considering buying a ring online that will need to be resized. It is from about 1900, 14K yellow gold, thickish band, kind of a low dome ring with three opals and four tiny diamonds. It is size 7 1/2 and I need it to be a size 10. So, my questions are: Is that considered a fairly large amount to upsize? And is 14K yellow gold easier or harder to work with in terms of upsizing? Are the opals going to be an issue in terms of the heat needed to solder the gap made when resizing the ring? They are prong mounted. How do I find a jeweler that can do this kind of work? I’m guessing that the mall jewelry stores don’t have bench jewelers – maybe an independent jewelry store, one that deals in estate and antique jewelry? Or one that makes jewelry? I am about ready to buy this online in a day or so, and can send a photo if need be.

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