Nov 182019

Pre 2005 before internet shopping was very popular, a jeweler only had to consider a handful of local competitors when advertising and discussing their diamond jewelry with potential customers. For the most part you knew which ones were honest and how the dishonest ones tried to mislead customers. Today there is not only a handful of brick and mortar competitors but tens of thousands online as well. This also means tens of thousands of different ways to mislead consumers are played out every day, not only on the internet, but now to survive many brick and mortar stores are playing the same games, as they cannot figure out any other way not to loose sales to the thousands of dishonest dealers that all have a supposedly “too good of a deal to pass up”. These include the following deals that are dishonest:

Most internet sights have a list of diamonds, all with the same grading and same size, but are all different prices, how can this be? For instance the largest online diamond vendor has 1ct. round SI1-H ideal cuts from $2,980 at the beginning of the list of available diamonds, all the way to $7,800 at the end of the list. What is happening? The reason for this is not revealed to consumers anywhere, but many of the diamonds which all have SI1-H GIA certs. (which is where i was trained) are inaccurate when created overseas, so many dishonest vendors look for these inaccurately certified diamonds overseas to sell on the internet in North America as the North American consumer is not used to being mislead in such a sneaky fashion and just think there getting a great deal! It is not only a problem but its not even illegal and should be! The problem is a diamond like we are talking about is commonly only worth half of what it would be if the grading were accurate! This explains the price difference from the beginning of the list of diamonds to the most expensive diamonds but accurately graded at the end of the list. Most other scams are just simple lies, like telling the consumer a diamonds is natural when in fact it was a natural diamond then treated artificially to make it look better quality than it was originally. There are many ways of doing this, you can irradiate the diamond to improve it color, or laser remove inclusions and fill them with glass to make them less noticeable, or sell manufactured diamonds as natural diamonds and use misleading words to describe them etc. Word of the day here as with any product sold now days, buy from a reputable jeweler only as technology has made the process of eliminating product misrepresentation nearly impossible…GOOD LUCK!

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