Oct 122012

So, Guy Ritchie has proposed to his model girlfriend, Jacqui Ainsley, and we get to see another Neil Lane celebrity engagement ring.

According to sources, Guy Ritchie helped design the ring (don’t all of Neil Lane’s customers?) and he was going for “something cool, vintage and romantic.” While it’s not the most unique Neil Lane ring ever, that’s a perfect description for this double halo design with more than 100 tiny diamonds blanketing the massive round center stone.

I can appreciate the fact that Neil Lane (or should I say his clients) isn’t afraid to stray from the traditional center stone. Remember the 3.5 ct antique cushion cut he set for Miley Cyrus?

Well, Guy Ritchie’s version consists of a 5 ct Old European round cut diamond.


Guy Ritchie Engagment Ring

Since it’s hard to tell in the picture, here’s an illustration of the difference between the standard Round Brilliant and Old European cuts.

Old European cut diamondRound Brilliant cut diamond

While it’s hard to tell the difference at first, you can see the Old European cut has larger, chunkier facets. Since the crown sits higher it reflects larger flashes of light from within, whereas the round brilliant has more of a pinpoint fire.

Even though the round brilliant is standard these days, a lot of people still embrace the Old European. A well cut one will sparkle just as much.

Looking to buy? We just listed our 1.40ct Old European cut diamond online for a great price. Details here.

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