Oct 162012
Loose Old European Cut Diamond for Sale


The main purpose of this blog is to inform the consumer, not sell them. We also like to talk about the latest celebrity jewelry. Once in awhile though, I will link to a product on our website or post about something special we have for sale.

This is a fantastic deal on a diamond that will make your vintage ring truly unique.

It’s an Old European cut loose diamond that is great quality at a great price.

1.40 ct Old European Cut round diamond (natural)
Clarity: VS1
Color: G
Price: $9,000

This stone is extremely well cut, and sparkles just as well as any round brilliant.

If this stone was a modern round brilliant cut the average cost would be around $15,000.

All our loose diamonds come with a free appraisal detailing the exact quality, and if you’re not satisfied when you see this gorgeous stone in person, we always accept returns. Please contact us at (319) 277-0717, or visit TheDiamondStore.com to learn more about who we are.

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