May 232012
Pear Cut Diamond

Elegant and timeless, the pear cut diamond truly looks great in everything, from rings to pendants to earrings. The pear cut is a variation of the round brilliant cut, with one end tapering to a point. They may be shorter and rounded, or more elongated.

Unique characteristics of a pear cut diamond

The pear faces up larger than most other cuts, so you get a little extra bang for your buck! The top of a 1 carat pear cut diamond will measure about 8×5.5mm, compared to a round at 6.5mm.

Also, while the popularity of pear cut is growing, there is still much less demand for pear cut diamonds compared to round and princess cuts. Because of this they are significantly less expensive. In fact, right now there is about a $2,000-$2,500 difference between a 1 carat pear cut diamond and a round brilliant of the same quality.

Things to remember when buying a pear cut diamond

Due to the large faceted area of a pear cut, they tend to show more a little more color and a few more blemishes. You may have to go up one or two grades in color and clarity compared to a round cut in the same ring.

Pear cuts must be very well cut or they can easily lack brilliance. One thing to note is the presence of a “bow tie”. A bow tie is the the dark area that appears in the center of the stone, due to the facet arrangement. You will also see this in marquise, oval, and really any other elongated cuts.

Pear Cut Diamodn With Bow Tie

The above picture is an example of a pear cut with a large bow tie – avoid this type of stone. On the other hand, a small bow tie is hard to avoid…it’s just the nature of the beast. However, in a really well cut stone the bow tie will be minimal and you’ll still get a lot of brilliance from the stone.

A pear cut diamond can look stunning in the right ring. I think this one from Leo Ingwer does the trick!

Pear Cut Diamond Halo ring

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