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Pictured below are most of the popular diamond cuts. Round  is not shown because it’s shape is obvious, but it accounts for a whopping 80% of all diamonds sold.  All the other cuts put together equal only 20% of all diamonds sold.   A round cut is by far the most brilliant of all, and if cut well, the only one which will keep 80% of its sparkle when dirty.  All other fancy shapes will loose a minimum of 40 to 60% of their sparkle when dirty.  A round cut is usually 7 to 20% more expensive than most other fancy shapes because of this and other factors. As far as resale or trade in value , a round is by far the best cut for value retention.  When shopping for fancy shape diamonds a person might notice a even larger than 7 to 20 % difference in price compared to rounds, as example a cushion cut 1ct. SI1-H quality might sell for 30 to 50% less,  etc.  This is not due to just the shape, it is usually due to a too deep or too shallow of a cut. A poorly cut a diamond will still look fine when perfectly clean and with tons of light shining on it, but when you get a cheap diamond home under regular lighting and get it a little dirty, it will die and loose most of its sparkle. They end up looking like a fake does when it gets dirty, and this is truly why it has a much lower price.  All the diamonds in the photos are extremely well cut examples and will only get more areas of a watery appearance or areas where there is no light being reflected back to your eye when the cut becomes lower and lower quality.

diamond cuts

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  1. I have always been a fan of cushion cut, but I am actually starting to think I like the Asscher better. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like to purchase my wedding ring and for diamond cut I am thinking for oval shaped but they are looking some outdated fashion and the pearl shaped diamonds are suitable for necklaces. Please give me some suggestions for the latest diamond cuts suitable for rose gold ring.

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