Nov 182019

Pre 2005 before internet shopping was very popular, a jeweler only had to consider a handful of local competitors when advertising and discussing their diamond jewelry with potential customers. For the most part you knew which ones were honest and how the dishonest ones tried to mislead customers. Today there is not only a handful […]

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Nov 282018

Before we begin the list it is important to note, all the advice in the world does no good if a vendor is telling you what just they want you to believe and is less than honest just to get you to buy, like some of the oldest scams in the world…”we sell wholesale… or […]

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May 162017

While some say “oh i’m not worried about being hacked, embezzled from or just blatantly ripped off” they should be.  According to all security analysts things are about to pick up exponentially as economies around the world are struggling and third world unfriendly citizens are learning more and more about computers. Up to this point […]

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Feb 092015

Pictured below are most of the popular diamond cuts. Round  is not shown because it’s shape is obvious, but it accounts for a whopping 80% of all diamonds sold.  All the other cuts put together equal only 20% of all diamonds sold.   A round cut is by far the most brilliant of all, and if […]

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Oct 172014

I just finished with a customer who inherited a 1ct. diamond and thought she was doing well by taking it to two jewelers for their opinion on quality and value. Both said it was a fantastic stone worth about nine thousand dollars and showed it to her under the microscope, pointing out only one small […]

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