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Completely obsessed with cleaning your ring? Hey, that’s your right…you spent the money on a nice piece of jewelry and it should sparkle like it was meant to! But, is it possible to clean your ring TOO often?

Let me start out by saying that you can clean a gold ring as often as you like. That is, dipping/soaking it in an ammonia-based solution and rinsing with warm water. Read about the best way to clean your gold jewelry.

With that being said, buffing your gold rings is a different story. Whenever you buff a gold ring it’s shined up by removing a micro-thin layer of gold from the ring. You won’t be able to tell, but over time this can start to wear down your ring, especially the prongs.

White gold vs Yellow gold

Most white gold rings sold today have a plating over top of the white gold called rhodium, which gives it a bright white color. When you buff a white gold ring to get rid of marks/scratches you actually buff the rhodium off in that spot and you can see the natural white gold underneath which is usually an off-white, almost yellowish color.

Because of this, every time you buff a rhodium-plated white gold ring you have to buff the entire ring – getting ALL the rhodium off – and then re-plate the ring. I normally don’t recommend re-plating your ring more than once a year (that’s if the jeweler does a thicker plating – not flash-plating). There’s no hard rule here, and the amount of gold taken off isn’t noticeable, but frequently buffing your ring over a long period of time will eventually wear down the ring.

Since yellow gold doesn’t have a coating, you don’t have to buff EVERY part of the ring as much as you would a white gold ring. So, you could lightly buff a yellow gold ring a little more often. The same general rule still applies though – don’t overdo it. I would say no more than a few times a year.

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  1. Can you buff a platinum ring more since the molecules in platinum are more tightly packed?

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