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White Gold Rope Chain

If you were recently gifted a beautiful pendant (by yourself or someone else), your next thought is likely to be, “What type of chain do I want?”

There are a few things to think about when it comes to chains, both necklaces and bracelets. If you’re hanging a pendant from the chain you want make sure the chain is durable enough to hold the weight of it over time. How thick or thin should it be? How flexible is it? How easy is it to care for or fix? And of course, what style looks best with your pendant?

You may think any lightweight chain will be less durable – this is true to a certain extent. Some heavier chains will hold up after literally being yanked on, but both lightweight and heavy chains can be durable and non-durable. Some tend to kink, while others can be put through the ringer.

Here’s a list of the most popular styles of chains and how they tend to hold up through everyday wear.

Thin and Light Durable Chains



Gold Wheat Chain

The wheat chain is basically the most durable, yet lightweight chain you can buy. They are durable at almost any thickness, and they rarely kink.



Gold Box Chain

A box chain is the second most durable and lightweight chain. They give off a reflective shine and will bring out the gold in any pendant. Note that thinner box chains can look very sleek and petite but thicker ones tend to have a chunky/bulkier look.


Gold Rope Chain

Rope chains come in various widths – thicker ones are a popular choice for men. However, thin rope chains can look petite while maintaining the strength to hold heavier pendants.


Thick and Heavy Durable Chains


Gold Figarro Chain

The Figarro chain has long been a popular choice, especially among men. You can find this classic style in everything from gold to stainless steel. You can’t get much stronger than a Figarro.



Gold Curb Chain

The Curb chain is another classic and durable choice for necklaces and bracelets. Just as strong as the Figarro.




Weak Chains

There are also chains known for being weak, or kinking up easily. Among these are the Herringbone, Omega, and Snake chains. The Herringbone is most notorious for kinking. It’s important not to bend these chains, as they aren’t very flexible. Once these kink or bend significantly, they can’t be fixed. Wear these chains for good and store them carefully.

Gold Herringbone ChainGold Omega Chain

White Gold Snake Chain


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  2. is a figero the best style chain for men

    • It really comes down to personal preference. Rope, Figaro and Curb are all very strong. Some people like rope chains because they never look twisted. A thick Figaro or Curb will take most any abuse well.

  3. The above blog comprising the best chains is very effective and the attached pictures are very authentic and rare ones as well, The people should once go through the same to acquire a good knowledge of the various jewel pieces specially the chains.

  4. I disagree regarding snake chains, respectively, of course, as your blog is so very nice. When using a snake chain for a heavy pendant, there are a few pros:

    1. Snake chains come in different widths, and the 1.5mm or 1.4mm 10k gold chain is extremely strong. It can hold a heavy pendant if treated well.

    2. Because snake chains are round, they do not wear through the finding. Some of the most wonderful pendants I’ve received from inheritances from older women in our families have been worn to death, and the ones worn on snake or wheat chains have grooves worn into them from the constant rubbing. A snake chain never does this to the connector finding on a pendant.

    3. If the snake chain is from a reputable jeweler, the soldering between the clasp and the chain will not be so sudden; rather it will be graduated and leaves for some flexibility.

  5. Oops — I mean the pendants worn on rope or wheat chains, not snake. Pardon my lack of proof-reading.

  6. I see friends and others wearing 2 gold chains and they never seems to tangle. They always look nice and separate. What chains are the best that do not tangle when you where them. Every time I put on two chain within an hour it looks like one because the tangel. Ive tried different length together

  7. Which type of chain has the most sparkle?

  8. I am considering buying a very nice box chain That I spotted. Are these chains durable enough to be worn all the time?

  9. I want to know the name of chain whuch is all ‘s’ like patern . But like barley corn type. It should be like barleycorn but single strand in the form of straight s.
    I have seen this with my friends.

    • Fatuma, in answer to your question, I would think you are talking about a Serpentine chain. Not sure but it looks like little S’s..

  10. i am looking or a chain to fit a 5 oz pendant on to i think it would have to be a curb but what weight would be the smallest i could use to hold it

  11. I would really appreciate some help with this. I have, for years, wore a single pendant. I’ve never had the need to remove it or change it out.
    Well, times have changed and what I would love is this.
    I have a acquired a few charms (pendants) they are small, just like my original pendant. When I got the second one, I simply added a small 1″ chain extender to the back clasp and let it hang down and hung the tiny pendant from it. No one knows I wear it since it is in the back and I loved it like that. It made it more personal since it was a miraculous medal. A very small medal.
    I now half a third small pendant, in memory of my brother, which I would love to add on but I dont want to hang from the extention nor do I want it bunched with my original.
    I am thinking of a linked chain so that I can hang these individual charms from separate links so that they are spaced out across the necklace. Like a charm bracelet but for the neck instead.
    I would need to know the type of chain you would recommend and the gram weight and size to accommodate this. Nothing big, of course. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  12. I am sorting my jewelry inventory (60 years worth) and have found a receipt from The Gold Center dated 1994 for an Accordian 24-in chain for $114.75. I can’t find anywhere online a description or photo of this type chain to help me figure out if I still own it.

    Anyone know what an Accordian chain looks like?

  13. I need to wear my wedding ring around my neck and I want to be sure not to lose it ever! It’s a gold ring. What kind of chain can I get that will keep it safe? I actually would like to find a chain that does not have a clasp and just fits over my head without needing to be opened. Thanks for advice.

  14. I will go for rope chain, it is very good option. This chain is thicker and long lasting and goes with all outfits. Even you can wear this chain in office, too!

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