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There are many times the ring you bought will need to be sized. This price can vary depending on the ring and how far up or down it must be sized (see this post). If your ring was a gift and they didn’t know you’re exact finger size (he can’t be expected to know details like that!), you may need to get your ring sized. Generally this isn’t an issue unless it needs to go up or down 3-4 sizes or more. However, some rings are very difficult, or even impossible to size.

rings that cannot be resized                                                  Note: It’s almost always easier to size a ring up, than down.

When you bend a ring inward you run a higher risk of loosening

side stones or creating cracks in the ring.

Eternity Rings

Rings with diamonds or other stones going all the way around the band cannot be re-sized. Instead, a new ring must be made. It may be better to get a band with diamonds going 3/4 of the way around so there’s a small blank space at the bottom. This way a jeweler will be able to make small adjustments if necessary.

Never buy an eternity ring unless it is being made to your exact finger size.

Vintage and Pave Rings

There are a lot of vintage-style and pave-style rings (those with lots of small diamonds on the band) that can only be sized so far. The issue lies in the number of tiny diamonds stretching down the sides of the ring. Many of these rings can only be sized up or down about one size, or a little more. It is usually easier to go up in size rather than down.

Before purchasing this style of ring, make sure you have an accurate finger size, or at least a very close estimate.

Mens Wedding Bands

A lot of men’s wedding bands have patterns going all the way around the ring. With most bands, a jeweler is able to “press” the band up about a size or a little more (in other words they don’t have to cut the ring and insert a piece of gold). If the ring has to be cut in order to go up in size, a jeweler may not be able to duplicate the pattern on the piece of gold that was added. If it’s cut to go down in size, the pattern may not line up at the sizing seam exactly like it did before.

A lot of mens wedding bands made are being made with contemporary metals like Tungsten, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, and  Cobalt. These rings CANNOT be sized.

White Gold Rings

When you’re having a white gold ring re-sized, remember that most all white gold has a plating on it called rhodium. When a ring is sized, some of the rhodium is taken off by heat after the sizing seam is soldered. Therefore, the ring must be re-plated with rhodium and this can be an extra charge in addition to the sizing cost.

Platinum Rings

In the case of platinum rings, they usually cost more to be sized. Platinum is more expensive than gold (if you’re going up in size and need to add a piece), and it’s also a much more difficult metal to work with. Basically, it takes longer. Time = Money.

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  1. Hello, would it be affective if I could get rings for free that were gold plated over stainless steel, but I needed to get it resized from a 10 to either an 8 or 7? Thank you for your time and advise!

  2. You will likely spend more trying to get it re-sized than it would cost for the rings – most jewelers don’t size stainless steel. If it’s possible, your best route is to have a manufacturer make a new ring in the correct size.

  3. Valuable, valuable information. The info about eternity ring is going to save me a lot of trouble. This is one of those articles that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Thank you!!!

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  6. Hi, i recently bought a ring thst was 18k white gold filled. Then suddenly it was nickel ring with platinum filled. I got it resized and the ring changed in colour. It turned this copper colour. Please advise to why this happened. The ring also chipped and then the rodium did not want to stick to the ring.

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    Is this possible?

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