Jul 182012

1. No one sells to the public wholesale. A lot of online stores will claim this. If someone declares they do, run for the hills. Many vendors purposely search for misgraded diamonds to sell in order to create the appearance of savings.

2. When buying certified diamonds do not buy the certification, buy the diamond. Pay attention to the stone and compare it to many others visually. There are millions of misgraded certified diamonds as well as millions of phony certifications, so don’t think you have it all figured out because the diamond is certified. Read more about the ways diamond sellers can use certificates to mislead here.

3. Don’t pay attention to price only. There are over 625 different combinations of quality aspects that determine the value of a diamond and that’s why it’s so hard to figure out yourself if a diamond is a good buy or not. Shopping by price alone also makes it very easy for a vendor to make you think you’re getting a good deal without you ever knowing how you were ripped off. The cost of diamonds and gold have created a “price war” in the industry, where businesses try to get away with selling the lowest quality goods possible. Read more here.

4. Always buy a diamond that is a little better than what looks “barely satisfactory” in a store. Stores have unrealistic lighting systems and the diamonds are perfectly clean. In a normal environment you can see into the diamond better because it doesn’t sparkle as intensely as in the store, so you will be able to see the true color and eye visible inclusions that you couldn’t see before. If the diamond barely sparkles in the store, it will die once it gets dirty.

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  1. Am interested in 24 carat black diamond. price and location?

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